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Keep Your Inner Body Healthy

The human body has daily rhythms that seem to be governed by what scientists now regard as a “biological clock.” Heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and urine excretion all have varying levels (peaks during the day and troughs that occur at night). Such functions are also known as “circadian rhythms.” Although environmental clues sometimes influence these rhythms, such as the light and dark cycles, many rhythms persist when environmental clues are removed. In experiments designed to understand the workings of the body’s inner clocks, […]

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Why Study Human Anatomy and Physiology

The study of human anatomy and physiology does not have to be directed solely at those who work in a health profession such as doctors and nurses. With more and more courses available on the internet, the variety and depth of study is great so you can basically build your own course and study the fields or elements of human anatomy and physiology that interest you most. Whether you are just curious or highly interested in how the human body works or whether you work as a […]

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Learn How the Body Works With a Course in Human Anatomy

Many people possess a medical text book and will often find themselves browsing through it and even searching online for answers to various medical queries. Have you ever wondered why the body does certain things or what exactly is inside us? If you answer yes to these questions then maybe a course in human anatomy is something that could be of interest. In basic terms, human anatomy is the study of how the body works such as the mechanics and biochemical understanding of it. Often human anatomy […]

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